Action time!

Please reach out to the following Senators to confirm their support of SF-159!  Without their support, we'll never reach our goal of offering a full-time K-12 Satanic Education!  Senator Zaun has been doing his part to get their vote, but now Baphomet calls upon you to reach out.

You are welcome to copy and paste this script when reaching out to each senator.  Be sure to look up their district and list a city or town in their district under your name - Senators will only listen to those who live in their district.

Dear Senator _______;
I am glad to see the Senate working on making additional educational options available for parents and students. I am writing in support of making Students First scholarships available to as many students as possible. The current bill's spending amounts to a very small percentage of what is spent on public schools in Iowa. I also support the proposed increase in the tuition and textbook tax credit.
Parents know what is best for their children, but they don't always have the income or the ability to move to a different school to make it happen. Please let me know how you plan to address this issue. Thanks for your service to our district and the state of Iowa.
Your Name

Waylon Brown (District 26)
Jim Carlin (3)
Jake Chapman (10)
Mark Costello (12)
Chris Cournoyer (49)
Dan Dawson (8)
Adrian Dickey (41)
Dawn Driscoll (38)
Jeff Edler (36)
Julian Garrett (13)
Tim Goodwin (44)
Jesse Green (24)
Dennis Guth (4)
Craig Johnson (32)
Mike Klimesh (28)
Carrie Koelker (29)
Tim Kraayenbrink (5)
Mark Lofgren (46)
Zach Nunn (15)
Jeff Reichman (42)
Ken Rozenboom (40)
Jason Schultz (9)
Tom Shipley (11)
Amy Sinclair (14)
Roby Smith (47)
Annette Sweeney (25)
Jeff Taylor (2)
Zach Whiting (1) (not to be confused with Zach Wahls who does not support school choice and is unlikely to vote for it.
Jack Whitver (19)
Craig Williams (6)
Brad Zaun (20)
Dan Zumach (48)


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