Curriculum Updates!

Thank you to all who were able to attend our Curriculum meeting Monday evening!  The following list will be up for a vote at our next meeting.  Zoom link will be provided to all on the email distribution.  If you are not receiving our emails, be sure to reach out at and we'll get you added.  

Core Classes:  STEM focus, plus English, and Social Studies, Scripture Studies                   


  1. Music - with options on genre including modern rap music and 
  2. Cooking (we are still seeking a restaurant partnership)
  3. Reproductive Health/SexEd (see email outlining Planned Parenthood partnership)
  4. Feminism (available at all grade levels with age-appropriate content)
  5. The 1st Amendment (this is included in the capstone project for grade 12)
  6. Black Lives Matter (K-12) - The marginalization of BIPOC in our community, and anti-racist programming.  
  7. Tech Ed/Shop (note: this is likely a 2026 and beyond goal to fund the space and tools needed, but may get an early start with 3D printing, etc.)

Be sure to call, email, and write to your Senators!  We can't make this happen without their support of SF159 and School Choice!


  1. Thank you for spreading knowledge; all hail free thought!

  2. Would literature classes cover the Tiffany Aching series, or would elementary witchcraft be extra-curricular?


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