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As a private school, we are not required to follow any state guidelines for our program. Even when the voucher bill passes, we can teach whatever we want! Don't worry if you don't have an advanced degree, we have no minimum college experience required in our job postings.

Drag Queen/King Moderators (ALL grades)

Read, sing songs, test out your newest routine. We want to make sure every kid knows how wonderful Drag Queens and Kings are!

Advanced ANTIFA Organizing (grades 6-12)

Molotov cocktail recipes, how to reverse tear gas and pepper spray injuries, and best practices when protesting at the state and federal level will be mastered in this semester-long class. Capstone project required.

Banned Books (grades Pre-K through 12)

This course is a comprehensive study of books that have been banned, or are threatened to be banned across the US and Taliban-controlled regions of Afghanistan.

Biology & Reproductive Health (grades Pre-K through 12)

Provide comprehensive instruction on biology, physiology, the range of gender identification, reproductive health and healthcare (facilitated in conjunction with Planned Parenthood).

Note: this course links to English for the pronoun module.